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Board of Trustees Approve Wellness Policy

Wed, 18 Jun, 2014

News: Board of Trustees Approve Wellness Policy

The Edmonton Public School Board unanimously approved a wellness policy for staff and students at its meeting Tuesday.

The new policy replaces and consolidates five previous policies: Health and Wellness of Staff and Students, Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Assistance, Health Instruction Materials and Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling Programs and Services. The new policy also addresses the board’s responsibility under the Education Act which in part focuses on promoting student and staff well-being.

“This policy demonstrates staff and student wellness are a priority for the Board,” said Board Chair Sarah Hoffman. “In regards to what is taught in the classroom, we are ensuring the curriculum follows Alberta Education’s guidelines.”

The Board also heard highlights of the District’s annual report on the wellness of staff and students. The report highlighted work done in the District to ensure staff and students are making good decisions and taking care of themselves.

The policy also focuses in part on teaching sexual education from a holistic viewpoint. Human sexuality education is offered in Grades 4 through 9 and a Career and Life Management course in high school addresses the topic again. Teachers can refer to the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education and their lesson plans, programs and evidence-based information for guidance. These plans and information were developed by educators and health professionals throughout the province.