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Board wraps up business for term

Wed, 18 Sep, 2013

Board wraps up business for term

Yesterday, the Board of Trustees held the last meeting of its three year term of office, debating and approving a number of important policies.

“It was a nice feeling to wrap up much of the work we undertook as a Board at our final meeting,” says Board Chair Sarah Hoffman. “Over the past three years, Trustees were committed to completing a number of key initiatives and we made great progress on this front.”

The Board passed policies in a number of areas:

  • Infrastructure Planning Principles;
  • Student Suspension and Expulsion;
  • Student Programs of Study; and
  • Delivery of Student Programs of Study.

The policies approved at the board meeting reflect the Board’s commitment to conduct a comprehensive review of board policy during its term. As part of the policy development and review process, several redundant policies were identified and rescinded.

“This effort will streamline board policy, which was one of the goals our Board set for itself,” says Hoffman. “We are proud of this work and we feel it will help set the new Board up for success in many ways.”