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Next steps for Britannia, Westlawn and Rosslyn areas

Wed, 28 Jun, 2017

News item: Next steps for Britannia, Westlawn and Rosslyn areas

In spring 2016, we began a conversation with parents, guardians and community members about the infrastructure challenges our District is facing in three mature communities—Britannia, Rosslyn and Westlawn—and the opportunities that could exist to create great learning spaces for students in these areas. We collected feedback, ideas and potential solutions from public meetings and online surveys.


The District then created a working committee for each area—which included parents, community members, principals, District staff and City of Edmonton representativesto work with the feedback and come up with a community-driven plan. Earlier this year, we presented proposed plans to the communities and collected feedback once again.

Here is what we heard from you: 


Right now, these plans are concepts only; no funding has been announced. In September, we will recommend to have the Westlawn concept and placeholders for the Britannia and Rosslyn areas added to our Three-Year Capital Plan 2018-2021. Even though the Britannia and Rosslyn community consultations will be continuing, we add a placeholder to our Three-Year Capital Plan so that once a decision is made, the concepts are on our list for government funding.


Read the full report for background information and feedback from each community,