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Student Senate Accomplishments


Based on input from their peers, the 2017-18 Student Senate created a work plan that prioritized three key topics: mental health awareness, time management and workload, and transitioning to post-secondary school.   

Mental Health Awareness

In April 2018, the Mental Health Awareness committee invited Grade 9-12 students to participate in a conference that focused on reducing the stigma of mental health issues. More than 130 District students took part in the event, which included a keynote address, small group sessions and other activities, all in support of open and healthy conversations about mental health. 

Time Management and Workload

The Time Management and Workload committee developed a collection of resources to help students develop strategies for scheduling and prioritizing their commitments. The series of resources included brochures and videos that addressed various ways for students to manage their time effectively.  


Finding Time: The student-designed guide to help make time for the things that matter to you
Using Time: The student-designed guide to reducing procrastination and boosting productivity
Your Time: The student-designed guide to creating a balanced life


Transitioning to Post-secondary School

In order to address questions about transitioning beyond high school to post-secondary schools, this committee developed a website outlining provincial, national and international options, including program and scholarship opportunities and how to apply.  

Providing a Student Perspective 

Student Senators also provided a student perspective in conversations with to various groups who presented to the group this year, including the Minister’s Youth Council, Diversity Day organizers and the City of Edmonton.