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Student Trustees

As part of the model, Student Senators will choose three of their own members to become Student Trustees for the school year.

For the 2016-2017 school year, the three Student Trustees are from left to right: Andrew Li (Old Scona), Jacob Dunn (Harry Ainlay) and Molly French (McNally). 

While the Student Trustees fulfill their role as senators, they also liaise between the Board of Trustees and the Student Senate, acting as a main source of sharing student voice.


In addition to basic senate responsibilities, Student Trustees must: 

  • attend official Board functions and events as appropriate and reasonable 
  • represent the Senate and present Senate reports at three Board meetings (during the school day) 


The three Student Trustees will present Senate reports at three Board meetings on:

For media inquiries, please contact Brad Stromberg at 780-429-8464.