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New Provincial Curriculum Under Development

Alberta Education is updating the K-12 curriculum province-wide. Curriculum, or the Program of Studies, outlines what students are expected to learn in each subject, for each grade.

This six-year project will focus on updating six subject areas: Language Arts (English, French Immersion, Francophone), Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, Arts Education (dance, music, drama, visual arts), and Wellness Education (health, physical education, CALM).

Edmonton Public Schools is one of many school districts involved in this project. An up-to-date curriculum is needed to prepare our students with the skills and knowledge they need for the 21st century.

Where We’re At Right Now

Alberta Education is gathering input on what students will learn and when they will learn it in the future curriculum. Their online survey is open May 15 to June 2.

Alberta Education’s survey  has two parts. In the first part, you are invited to provide thoughts on the general content of the six subject areas. In the second part, you can provide detailed feedback on the draft content for the six subjects. This feedback will be used to help Alberta Education develop the learning outcomes for each subject.

Curriculum working groups, composed mainly of teachers, have begun to develop some initial components of the new curriculum. Alberta Education’s targeted timelines for completion of curriculum development are:

  • Grades K-4, December 2018
  • Grades 5-8, December 2019
  • Grades 9-10 (3 subject areas), December 2020
  • Grades 9-10 (3 subject areas) and 11–12 (3 subject areas), December 2021
  • Grades 11-12 (3 subject areas), December 2022

The date for the launch of new curriculum is still being determined by the province.

Alberta Education will have several opportunities for parents and students to be involved. More information about these opportunities will be posted when it becomes available.

To Learn More

Visit Alberta Education’s website for more information about: