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Bus Passes and Fees


2016-2017 Student Transportation Fees

Bus pass fees cover the difference between the cost of providing transportation and provincial student transportation grants. 

Buying a bus pass

You can buy yellow bus passes and subsidized Edmonton Transit System (ETS) passes at your child's school each month.

Students must pay the full cost of a monthly bus pass, even if:

  • they don’t ride the bus every day
  • they buy the pass mid month

Yellow bus passes are also valid for use on ETS buses and LRT up to six boardings each month.

Replacing a bus pass

A replacement yellow bus pass can be purchased at your child’s school office at a discounted rate.

Learn about replacing an ETS bus pass

Carrying a bus pass each day

Students will be asked to show a valid yellow or ETS bus pass to the driver before getting on the bus.  Please fill in the back of your child’s pass completely and legibly. In the event of an emergency, this information may be used to identify your child’s school and contact person.

Forgetting a bus pass

If a student forgets a yellow bus pass:

  • the driver will allow them on the bus during morning pick up
  • the principal can instruct the driver to allow the student on the bus for end of day drop off

Principals may choose to suspend the transportation privileges of students who consistently fail to show a bus pass.

If a student forgets an ETS bus pass the city bus driver may not allow them to ride.