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Extensions Program Workshop


In February 2018, we invited parents and guardians with students in the Extensions District Centre special needs program to a workshop. We gathered feedback about how we could make a potential relocation of the district centre as smooth as possible for students.

Later in spring 2018, we also asked parents for more feedback about the possible relocation, including sites that might be able to accommodate the district centre.  


We want to make sure the Extensions District Centre special needs program moves to a location that will:

  • provide students with flexible and quality learning spaces 
  • offer additional supports, like makerspaces and collaborative work spaces, which are not currently available to Extensions students at McKernan School 
  • create space at McKernan School, which is at capacity


Based on feedback we received from parents, the most important criteria for selecting a new location includes: 

  • available space
  • Kindergarten to Grade 9 programming
  • a central location 
  • diverse programming 

The criteria listed are not in a particular order. The other feedback we received related to things like programming, transition and supports were also noted, and we look forward to discussing this further with families in the program.

We also received feedback related to things like programming, transition and supports.

In May 2018, three proposed relocation options were presented: 

We heard that Hardisty School was the best option, as it met most of the criteria, but transportation remained a concern.


Parents heard options for possible relocation at a meeting on Jan. 22 at McKernan School. There are two options for consideration: 

  • one program site at Hardisty School
  • two program sites, Hardisty and Laurier Heights schools

VIEWJanuary 22 Presentation Slides (PDF)

A decision is expected to be communicated to parents in February.


If you have questions about next steps, please contact Programs and Student Accommodation at 780-429-8539 or email programs@epsb.ca