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Future High School Space

Edmonton’s population is growing. The biggest growth is among young families with children in Kindergarten to Grade 2. These children are young now, but they’ll need space when they reach high school. That’s why we’re thinking ahead to make sure their educational needs are met now and in the future.


Right now, all our high schools are inside the Anthony Henday ring road. Some of these schools are facing declining student enrolment now, or will in the future. However, the areas of the city seeing the most growth in school-aged children are closer to the city’s edges. The high schools closest to these areas are already seeing increased enrolment from growing neighbourhoods.


We need to build new high schools in communities closer to the edges of the city, but building a new school takes years from the time the Province first agrees to fund a project to the time the building is open to students. That’s why we’re working with our partners in the municipal and provincial governments to make sure we have the land and funding we need to build new high schools.


In March, we met with parents and community members to share information about the situation and to gather input that would help us shape the long-term plan.

If you missed the March meetings, you can watch the presentation below:


We’ll take what we heard from the community, look at our options and come back to more in-depth conversations and to share any new information in the future. We haven’t scheduled these future meetings yet, but they’ll be widely advertised once we’ve chosen the dates.