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District Art Awards – 2013

Thu, 30 May, 2013

District Art Awards – 2013

The work of Grade 12 art students, representing seven district high schools, is on display at the Centre for Education. Art portfolio submissions including the jury-selected “Best of” each portfolio show off the depth of the students’ inspirations and the diversity representative of their wide-ranging interests and passions.

The jury, consisting of an artist from the University of Alberta and art teacher from Hillcrest School, selected “Best of” works based on technique, content, composition and takeaway value. Sylvia Calver of Victoria School (teacher: Theron Lund) won top prize. According to the jury, her piece is not only tremendous in technical skill, but is well-researched, thoughtful and sends a powerful message.

The art will be on display at the Centre for Education until May 30th.  Afterward, selected pieces will be displayed at the ‘Edmonton Public Schools Grade 12 Best of High School Portfolio’ Exhibit at the Kids in the Hall bistro in Edmonton City Hall from June 19th to September 14th, as part of The Works Art & Design festival.