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The Board Connection

The best choice in education? Public education.

November 12, 2019

An investment in children is the best investment we can make as a society. Publicly funded, publicly accountable schools governed by publicly elected trustees are the best way to get the most from that investment.

Public schools are the hubs and hearts of our communities. Edmonton Public Schools welcomes all students, regardless of their background, abilities or economic status. We understand that a student’s current situation should not limit their future potential.

We also know that students learn a lot more than reading, writing and arithmetic in school. They learn how to share the world with people from all different backgrounds and be contributing members of society.  

Each and every day at Edmonton Public Schools, we are preparing the province’s future generation to contribute to Alberta’s innovation, adaptability and economy. To do this, we offer choice.

With more than 30 alternative programs to choose from and hundreds of course options within regular programs, Edmonton Public Schools students have access to academic programs, arts and language programs, sports alternative and faith-based programs in a public school setting.

Choice, when offered through public education, also offers the assurance that educational quality will not be compromised. All alternative programs in Edmonton Public Schools:

  • follow the provincial curriculum
  • are taught by fully trained, provincially-certified teachers
  • are subject to Board policies and oversight
  • are funded in the same way as regular programs
  • are subject to the same evaluation criteria as our regular programs

At Edmonton Public Schools, we believe it is critical that we are accountable to our communities. We:

  • are directed by publicly elected trustees
  • publicly report our budgets and achievement results
  • engage with students, staff, families and community members on decisions that affect them  

Alberta already provides funding for more types of educational choice than any other jurisdiction in Canada. We don't need more choice, and more ways to divide limited resources. What we need is adequate funding and greater support for the system that is proven, accessible and accountable: public education.