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Multicultural Education

  • Code: GGAB.BP
    Topic: Multicultural Education
    Issue Date: 29/01/2020
    Effective Date: 28/01/2020
    Review Year: 2016


The Edmonton Public School Board believes that Canadian traditions and values are enriched by the presence and involvement of a diverse, multicultural community of students, staff, parents, community members and groups. The Board wants all members of our diverse community to be welcomed, respected, to feel a strong sense of belonging and to participate fully in the Division.

The Board believes that public education plays an important role in ensuring that all students develop an understanding of Canadian values and culture including an appreciation of the contributions of a diverse community to an evolving global society. The Board also believes that an environment in which there is equity of opportunity, and equity of access to programs, services and resources is critical to supporting all students and staff in realizing their full potential. The Board expects these values to be reflected in Division programs, operations and practices.

The Board believes that racism is intolerable and has the potential to negatively impact educational, social and career outcomes for students and staff. Further, it damages relationships with families and community partners. As racism exists in society and therefore in our schools, the Board is committed to acknowledging, addressing, and eradicating racial incidents.

As community leaders, the Board believes that it has a role to play in working collaboratively with other agencies and levels of government to advocate for changes to support the development of a community in which all citizens have the opportunity to benefit from and participate fully in the cultural pluralism that is characteristic of Canada in the 21st century.

The Board believes that student learning is the core work of the Division and recognizes the importance of continuing to strengthen program delivery and supports to realize success for all of our students. The Board believes that student success is enhanced by:

  • Creating learning environments that support all students and their families to develop a sense of belonging.
  • Ensuring students learn about the values and culture of Canada.
  • Having high expectations for achievement and providing a range of supports to promote continuous growth in student learning.
  • Providing responsive programming that includes the use of resources to reflect diverse cultural perspectives.
  • Creating opportunities for students to share and celebrate their cultural heritage.
  • Using culturally appropriate assessments to inform programming.
  • Ensuring that racial and cultural issues are appropriately addressed.
  • Using a proactive approach to student conduct.
  • Enabling parents and families to be involved in and make informed decisions concerning their child's schooling.
  • Attracting and retaining qualified staff from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Working collaboratively with community members and groups to increase intercultural appreciation and understanding.
  • Working collaboratively with other educational institutions to promote successful transitions for students and improved pre-service training for staff.
  • Providing professional development to increase intercultural appreciation and understanding of staff.
  • Working collaboratively with community partners and other levels of government to advocate for the development of services to extend learning opportunities and supports.

The Board understands that change occurs over time and believes that the provision of an annual report at a public board meeting on progress related to each of the strategic directions identified in this policy will ensure accountability and demonstrate the Division's commitment to supporting our diverse community.


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