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Student Admission to the District

  • Code: HEC.AR
    Topic: Student Admission to the District
    Issue Date: 29/09/2014
    Effective Date: 01/03/2010
    Review Year: 2015


Independent Student is a student who is:

  1. 18 years of age or older, or
  2. 16 years of age or older, and
    1. who is living independently, and
    2. or is party to an agreement under section 57.2 of the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act. 

International Students are admitted to Canada as temporary residents for the purpose of study. 

Exchange Student is defined as an exchange student if an Alberta Education approved reciprocal exchange is in place. An "Application for Alberta Education Approval for Reciprocal Student Exchange" must be completed and approved by Alberta Education. 

Visiting students:
Requests from the public to accommodate students in district schools may be considered for limited periods of time, to a maximum of three weeks. Administrators may allow such students to be admitted to schools to audit classes and these students shall not be registered. 


    1. Students seeking admission to district schools shall complete a district registration form to establish legal name, age, citizenship, and residency status.

      1. Legal name and proof of age shall be verified by the principal from only the following legal documentation: birth certificate, passport, immigration papers, change of name certificate, or a certified copy of birth or marriage registration.
      2. Every effort shall be made to obtain proper verification of legal name and age. The parent or legal guardian may make a temporary declaration of legal name and age on condition that acceptable documentation for verification shall be provided within three months.
    2. Enrolment in a district school shall be subject to district admission criteria and, where applicable, student accommodation and placement regulations.
    3. Principals shall confirm the residency status of students attending their school each year.

      1. Principals shall require proof of residential address prior to registering a student new to the District.
      2. Principals may require proof of residential address prior to re-enrolling a student.
    1. For information on attendance ages see Board Policy HEC.BP - Student Admission to the District.
    2. Under the School Act, Section 44, a student is a resident student of the board in which the student's parent resides. Under the School Act, Section 273, residence is defined as a place where that person ordinarily lives and sleeps and to which when absent from the residence, that person intends to return.
    3. "Residency" is dependent upon a number of factors. Procedures and factors for determining residency status shall be provided annually by Research and Innovation for Learning.
    Under the School Act, children of individuals who are lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent or temporary residence are entitled to have access to education. Some special cases exist where students may have the right of access to an education in Alberta without paying fees.
    1. If a child's parent is admitted to Canada for temporary residency under a Study Permit or Work Permit, then the child has a right of access to education in Alberta for as long as their parent's documents are valid.
    2. If a child's parent is admitted to Canada for temporary residency under a visitor's record, then the child does not have a right of access to education in Alberta.
    3. If a temporary foreign worker is accompanied by a spouse or partner, then the children of that spouse or partner are entitled to access to education in Alberta.
    4. The children of a foreign national who is married to a Canadian citizen have a right of access to education in Alberta, provided that the biological parent has applied for permanent resident status. Proof of this application must be produced before the registration will be considered.
    1. If a student is accepted for admission to Edmonton Public Schools, principals shall ensure tuition fees have been paid or suitable arrangements have been made for payment before students in the following categories can be admitted to an Edmonton Public school:
      1. Students who are 20 or older as of September 1 in that school year;
      2. International students;
      3. Students sponsored by Indian Affairs (student living on an Indian reserve or who are boarded in Edmonton by the reserve or Indian Affairs);
      4. Students whose parents or legal guardians reside outside the city of Edmonton but within Alberta and whose learning needs are classified as moderate or severe for the purposes of allocation (allocation 5 or higher);
      5. Students whose parents or legal guardians reside outside of Alberta;
      6. Students who are residents of Edmonton Roman Catholic Separate School District Number 7 and whose learning needs are classified as severe for the purposes of allocations;
      7. Children or students sponsored by another educational agency which is purchasing service from the District.
    2. If a student is sponsored by another school jurisdiction or government agency, then the parent of that student shall obtain a letter of sponsorship for fees from the school jurisdiction or government agency responsible. The letter of sponsorship shall be sent to District Support Services and/or Financial Services - Revenue Accounting.
    3. If a student's parent(s) move out of the city during the school year, they may choose to have the student complete the school year in the district without payment of fees by declaring Edmonton Public Schools to be the resident board for the remainder of the school year.
    4. A student may be admitted to the District on a provisional basis, and fees waived for one year, if a student is living with someone who is neither the parent nor a legal guardian, is not Catholic, and who is seeking a parenting order provided there is documentation that a parenting order has been applied for.
    5. In some rare cases, a principal may allow a 'legal stranger' to act as parent for the registration process and as the parent throughout the student's registration with the District. No parenting order is sought by that individual. In these cases there may be a letter or notarized letter from the parent assigning parent rights to another individual. These special cases must be approved by District Support Services.
    6. If a non-resident student's residency status changes to resident while in attendance at an Edmonton Public school, the change shall be recorded in the student record and tuition fees may be refunded on a pro-rated basis.
    1. International students applying for admission to Edmonton Public Schools' International Student Program shall forward:
      1. A completed International Student Program application form,
      2. Applicable tuition and application fees,
      3. Proof of legal name and date of birth,
      4. Transcripts of marks for the past two years, in English, with an official school stamp, and
      5. A letter of recommendation from current teacher or principal.
    2. On receipt of and review of above documentation the student shall be issued a letter of acceptance to Edmonton Public Schools for the applied study period. This letter is required by the student for the Study Permit application purposes.
    3. When registering at a school, the international student shall present a copy of International Programs' School Authorization form and a valid Study Permit.
    4. In accordance with Administrative Regulation HB.AR - Student Placement, the Principal of the school where the student enrolls shall be responsible for ensuring the international student's programming and shall arrange for additional assessment as necessary to determine the student's educational needs.
    5. If an international student is placed in a special needs program, supplementary fees shall be levied.
    6. Tuition fees shall be charged based on full-time attendance in a program of studies.
    7. Tuition fees are non-refundable, unless the student is denied admission to Edmonton Public Schools, is unable to obtain a Study Permit, or becomes a permanent resident.
    1. Principals shall ensure that:
      1. an "Application for Alberta Education Approval for Reciprocal Exchange" form is completed in full by the organization arranging the exchange and by the school participating in the exchange, and
      2. the completed application form must then be submitted to Financial Services.
    2. Financial Services shall forward the completed form to Alberta Education for approval.
    3. The inbound exchange student must be placed in the outbound exchange student's school system, e.g., Edmonton Public Schools.
    4. Inbound and outbound exchanges must take place in the same school year or subsequent school year.


HB.AR Student Placement
HC.AR Student Accommodation
HEC.BP Student Admission to the District
HO.AR Student Records
Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act - January 1, 2014
Education Act

(please see Sections 1(2)(3), 8(1), 13(1), 44, 45, 49, 62, and 273, of the School Act)