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Family-Oriented Programming

Family-oriented programming helps you and your child connect what they’re learning at school with life outside the classroom. These fun and engaging sessions are for families of children who access program unit funding (PUF) through Alberta Education.


  • Engage in healthy and developmentally appropriate learning with your child
  • Build on and apply the skills your child learns at school in your home and community
  • Learn together and practise strategies that support your child’s unique learning needs


  • Individual and group sessions
  • Sessions are built around your child’s Individualized Program Plan (IPP)
  • Facilitated by members of a multidisciplinary team, such as a speech language pathologist, occupational therapist or school family liaison

Group Sessions
Families can choose from sessions designed with their child’s Individualized Program Plan (IPP) in mind. Topics include:

  • Family supports and strategies
  • Language and communication
  • Early literacy
  • Physical development
  • Social skills
  • Family field trips

Individual Sessions
Your school team may coordinate face-to-face or online sessions so that you and your child can understand and practise the strategies that help them learn. Classroom teachers and educational assistants may also meet with you and your child to share routines, program modifications and strategies used in the classroom.


Kindergarten families: Browse the calendar and register for group family-oriented programming, or contact your child’s school for information about individual sessions.

Pre-Kindergarten families: Talk to your child’s school for information about sessions and how to register.