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Garth Worthington (Chappelle East) K-9


Garth Worthington School in Chappelle East will accommodate students in Kindergarten to Grade 9.


The new school in Chappelle East will be named after Garth Worthington. He was a lifelong musician and singer who shared his love of music both in and outside the classroom. During his 33-year career with Edmonton Public Schools, he served as a teacher, assistant supervisor of music, consultant and music curriculum coordinator. During this time, he mentored many students and advocated for music programming and performance opportunities throughout the Division and city. He was one of the creators of Night of Music, an annual showcase of students from Edmonton Public Schools, now in its 55th year. For over 20 years, Worthington also worked with the Edmonton Centennial Singers, a choir of students from across the city.

The Board of Trustees approved this school name, along with the names of two more new schools, at a public board meeting on May 14, 2019. Read his full biography or watch the Garth Worthington video to learn more about his contributions and achievements.