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Thelma Chalifoux (Larkspur) 7-9


Thelma Chalifoux School in Larkspur will accommodate students in Grades 7 to 9. 


The new school in Larkspur will be named after Thelma Chalifoux . She was a retired senator and Métis activist who worked tirelessly on a variety of issues that affected indigenous people and women. As a champion of Métis history and culture, Chalifoux helped ensure the Cree language was taught in northern schools.

In 1997, she became the first Métis woman appointed to Canada’s Senate by then-Prime-Minister Jean Chretien. As senator, she served as chair of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples before retiring in 2004. The Board of Trustees approved this school name, along with the names of two more new schools, at a public board meeting on May 8, 2018. Read her full biography or watch the Thelma Chalifoux video to learn more about her contributions and achievements.



In November, the community helped us share what they'd like the new school to look like. We've taken that feedback and developed a design concept for the new school. We shared the following proposed design concept at a public presentation on March 6, 2018. 

VIEW: Thelma Chalifoux floor plan (PDF) and Thelma Chalifoux site plan (PDF)

We will be sharing the final designs and construction plan in late spring. 


Front entrance

Back entrance