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Space for Students in Alternative Programs


Edmonton Public Schools is a District of choice that offers 34 different alternative programs in more than 100 schools.

Alternative programs offer unique opportunities for students interested in languages, arts, faith, sports and other interests, while teaching the Alberta Education curriculum. More than 26,000 students are enrolled in at least one of our alternative programs.

But choice comes with some challenges. Our enrolment continues to grow by 3,000 students per year. Our schools are becoming increasingly full, and we need to consider how we’re using space.

Some students may travel long distances to attend a school with an alternative program because they are located far from where they live. We receive limited provincial funding for bus transportation for students in these programs, and the fees that families pay for transportation don’t fully cover our costs. Edmonton Public Schools has to cover the gap in funding each year.


Thank you to everyone who attended one of our sessions and completed our online survey to share thoughts and ideas about how to help students gain better access to alternative programs and get students to these programs. 

We’ll continue the discussion in fall 2019 and talk about what we heard and next steps. Nothing is decided yet. Together, we’ll come up with a plan to support student success while addressing the challenges we face.


For more information about the sessions or for any other questions, contact Programs and Student Accommodation at 780-429-8539.