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Space for Students in the Britannia Area


In spring 2016, we began a conversation with parents and community members in the greater Britannia area to talk about creating great learning spaces for students attending Brightview, Britannia, Mayfield and Youngstown schools. We collected ideas and feedback and formed working committees to develop concepts, based on what we heard.

In spring 2017, we presented the concepts and collected feedback once more. We released a Report to the Community in June 2017 to share our findings. The feedback we received did not lead us to a firm decision for the Britannia area.

We came back to the community in spring 2018 and held five meetings to share three concepts for consideration. The feedback we received at the meetings and online was compiled, and we will be presenting a recommendation to the Board of Trustees to amend the 2019-2022 Three-Year Capital Plan to show the preferred concept

VIEWBritannia Area Report to the Public (PDF)


Community feedback supported Concept C—a brand new K-9 school on the Britannia School site and a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 full replacement school on the Mayfield School site.




This concept honours what we heard from the community about:

  • preference for Pre-K to Grade 9
  • supporting socially-vulnerable students in a larger school environment
  • opportunities for enhanced programming


On October 9, 2018, the Board of Trustees voted in favour to amend the District’s Three-Year Capital Plan 2019-2022 to add the preferred concept for the Britannia-area. The Three-Year Capital Plan is prepared each year and identifies the District’s needs for new schools, modernizations and replacement schools. The government plans funding based on the projects listed in the plan. Projects included in the plan are not guaranteed until government funding is announced.

If government funding is announced, a detailed design process will take place and we will ask the community for feedback again at that time. Community consultation about the future of closed school buildings will also take place at a later date.

We will continue to keep families and the community informed about any announcements and further consultations.


For questions about the chosen recommendation or next steps, contact the Infrastructure department at 780-429-8539.