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Child Study Centre Review


Parents and school community members are participating in a review of the Child Study Centre at Garneau School.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback and ideas for the future of the Child Study Centre. The process will:

  • review the Child Study Centre within the District alternative programs framework
  • gather input from stakeholders
  • submit recommendations to the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees


We want you to share your ideas with us. Nothing has been decided and we’re at the beginning of this review. We expect the review will be completed in fall 2017 and will include recommendations and an action plan.

An online engagement process

We’re inviting stakeholders to share their thoughts about the Child Study Centre through an online engagement process. The District is using a tool called ThoughtExchange to support this process because it allows participants to: 

  • anonymously share ideas
  • consider and learn from ideas shared by others
  • rate ideas and negotiate priorities to see what’s important to the group

Get involved in Phase II 

Thank you to everyone who participated in Phase I of our ThoughtExchange. We will continue to gather your feedback through Phase II from June 27 to July 7.

If you received an email invitation or self-subscribed for Phase I, you will receive another email invitation to participate in Phase II.

If you did not participate in Phase I, you can self-subscribe before July 7 to receive an email invitation.


You can review the thoughts submitted during Phase I and add a star beside the thoughts you like best to help us understand what matters to you.


Meeting Overview

The first working committee meeting included:

  • a review of the committee's purpose and structure
  • a discussion of key questions that will help in the development of a program description/recommendation

The committee discussed the following questions:

  • How does the Child Study Centre benefit all students?
  • How does the Child Study Centre promote the District's Cornerstone Values?
  • What makes the Child Study Centre different than the Regular program?
  • How does the Society support the Child Study Centre?
  • How do you feel about renaming the Child Study Centre?

Supporting Documents

June 7, 2017 Working Committee Meeting Notes


Meeting Overview

On May 3, 2017, we hosted a meeting with the school community that included a presentation and discussion about next steps.

Supporting Documents

May 3 Child Study Centre Presentation Slides