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Space for students at Dr. Lila Fahlman School


Last year, we made some changes to help address enrolment growth at Dr. Lila Fahlman School. We added four modular classrooms, closed the boundaries so only students in the attendance area can attend and removed the Cavanagh community from the attendance area. While these changes helped, we need to do more to manage long-term growth and ensure it’s sustainable.

Addressing Enrolment Growth at the School

Thank you to all the parents, families and community members who attended the meeting on November 4, 2019 to learn more about how we'll address growth at the school. If you weren't able to attend, you can view the presentation to learn more. 

We will be using a lottery process for new students coming into the school, effective for the 2020-21 school year. Current students attending Dr. Lila Fahlman School will not be impacted.

Learn more about the lottery process.

More Information 

For more information about the lottery or pre-enrolment process, contact Programs and Student Accommodation at 780-429-8539.