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Creating space at Dr.Margaret-Ann Armour School


Enrolment at Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School continues to increase. Since the school opened, we added 16 modular classrooms, reclaimed leased spaces and closed the boundaries so only new students in the attendance area can attend. While these changes helped, we need to do more to manage long-term growth and ensure it’s sustainable.

The Division held a public meeting on November 18, 2019 to discuss options to help create space at the school. Thank you to all the parents, families and community members who joined us. If you weren't able to attend, you can view the presentation to learn more. 


We will be using a lottery process for new students coming into the school, effective for the 2020-21 school year. Current students attending Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School will not be impacted. 


There will be a cap for the number of classes in each grade. If the number of new students who want to enrol exceeds available space available in certain grades, a lottery process for new students will be used.

Students who participated in the lottery process and were not selected will be guaranteed to attend their overflow designated school or a school of choice with space in planned classes. The overflow designated schools are:

Schools with a lottery will not accept registrations from new families moving into the attendance area if the student is not considered a resident of Edmonton Public Schools. Students are considered a ‘resident student’ if at least one parent or guardian lives in Edmonton and at least one parent is not Roman Catholic. New non-resident students in the school’s attendance area can attend a school in their current school division or another Edmonton Public school that has space in planned classes.


As long as both siblings will be attending the lottery school for 2020-2021 and both have registered and/or pre-enrolled by April 15:

  • the sibling registering in Kindergarten will be guaranteed a space
  • a sibling who is new to the school and pre-enrolling in Grades 1-9 will be given priority but is not guaranteed to attend if there is not enough space at their grade level. If this occurs, siblings will take part in the lottery process if they wish to attend the school. 


The school will call families about the lottery results before the end of April. Students who are selected through the lottery process will get to attend their designated school, Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour.

Students who are not selected through the lottery process or who are seeking to enrol at the school after pre-enrolment closes on April 15 can attend their overflow designated school or a school of choice with space in planned classes. They can also be placed on a callback list for Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour. This means that if spaces open up in grades, they will be offered to students on the callback list until September 30.

For full details about the lottery process, view the Student Accommodation administrative regulation (HC.AR)


Yellow bus service will be available for eligible K-6 students attending McKee School, which is the overflow designated school. Bus fees will apply.

Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is the preferred transportation method for junior high students; however, if ETS does not meet Division standards, eligible students attending their overflow designated school may be able to apply for yellow bus service. Bus fees will apply.

Families who choose to attend a school of choice rather than an overflow designated school will need to make their own transportation arrangements to get their child to and from school.