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Greater Highlands Background

The area of Greater Highlands consists of:

Highlands Area Radius Map


To benefit from a replacement school or modernization opportunity, schools need to be:

  •  50 years or older
  • costly to operate, maintain or repair due to aging buildings
  • unlikely to receive money for upgrades from the Province due to the low number of students 
  • located near other schools
  • located in areas where few school-aged students live

Highlands, Montrose and Mount Royal schools meet the above criteria.

2014 Replacement School Project Consultation

In the spring of 2014, we invited parents and community members from three mature neighbourhoods (Greater Highlands, Greater Lawton, and Greater Westmount) to talk about the possibility of a replacement school in their area.

The Greater Highlands area showed some interest and support for a Kindergarten to Grade 9 replacement school, but parents and community members felt the process was moving too quickly. The community wanted more opportunities to share their thoughts with us and have more concrete design plans and programming considerations. Without full community support, this wasn’t the right time to move forward.

After weeks of consultation, the Superintendent recommended that Greater Lawton area receive the new school.

Community engagement in Greater Highlands continued into the spring of 2015. Based on this additional consultation, the decision was made to request provincial funding to modernize Highlands School. The modernized school would serve as a K-9 replacement school for Highlands, Montrose and Mount Royal schools.