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Attendance Area for Soraya Hafez School


Thank you to everyone who attended the Soraya Hafez School proposed attendance area meeting last year and shared feedback through our online survey. Your feedback was considered throughout the decision-making process.

Attendance Area Decision 

Designated attendance area

The following neighbourhood is in the attendance area for Soraya Hafez School, effective for the 2020-21 school year:

  • McConachie South 

Secondary attendance area 

Soraya Hafez School will have a secondary attendance area for the McConachie North neighbourhood. This means once students from the designated attendance area are enrolled, students from the secondary attendance area get first priority to fill available spaces. 

Soraya Hafez School will have an open attendance area boundary, which means any student can pre-enrol at the school. However, students from the primary and secondary attendance areas get first priority to attend. 

If the number of students from outside the attendance area who want to attend exceeds available space, students will be enrolled through random selection, starting with McConachie North students.

View the attendance area map (PDF)

Soraya Hafez Attendance Area Map Nov 2019


Yellow bus service will not be provided to Soraya Hafez School for the designated attendance area (McConachie South).

Yellow bus service will continue for eligible students in McConachie North who continue at Belvedere School, which remains their designated school. Students in McConachie North who choose to enrol at Soraya Hafez School will not be eligible for yellow bus service, as it’s not their designated school.


Students can stay at their current school if they wish. However, yellow bus service will only be provided to eligible students attending their designated school.


We used feedback we heard at the proposed attendance area meeting last year and through our online survey. We also tried to make decisions that:

  • allow as many students as possible to attend a school closer to home
  • ensures the school has a manageable attendance area to accommodate students as the community grows
  • can allow students outside of the attendance area to enrol if there’s space


 New students to Edmonton Public Schools will be able to register from February 3 – April 15, 2020. Current Edmonton Public Schools students can pre-enrol between March 9 – April 15, 2020. Students who register or pre-enrol by April 15 are guaranteed to attend their designated school.


Background information about Soraya Hafez School