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Westlawn Area School Project


In spring 2016, we invited parents and community members in the greater Westlawn area to talk about the condition of Afton, Glendale, Sherwood and Westlawn schools. Throughout the year, we discussed potential school concepts and other community projects happening in the area. A working committee group developed a community-driven plan using feedback gathered at the public meetings, along with data and other information.


In spring 2017, we presented concepts based on feedback we heard from all public meetings, responses to online surveys and from the working committee. The community showed a preference for Concept 2:

The government announced funding for this project, which will consolidate all students from Afton, Glendale, Sherwood and Westlawn schools into the two new schools when they open.

We hosted a public meeting at Westlawn School on May 28, 2018, to discuss the recommendation to close Afton, Glendale, Sherwood and Westlawn schools. At the October 23, 2018, Board meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to close the four schools effective on the last operational day prior to the opening of the new schools. This means the four schools will remain open and continue serving students until the two replacement schools are opened. 


In March 2019, you shared what you'd like the school designs to look like. The project design team will review your ideas and bring some concepts back to the community at a later date. In the future, we’ll also have a meeting to talk about closed school buildings.


For more information, contact your school directly or Infrastructure at 780-429-8539 or planning@epsb.ca.