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School Board Governance and Operations

This section is also referred to as the Trustees' Handbook. It explains the policies, principles, protocols, and practices related to Board governance and operations at Edmonton Public Schools.

The Trustees’ Handbook contains the following sections:

  1. School Boards and Trusteeship in Alberta
  2. About Edmonton Public Schools
  3. Board Governance
  4. Board Member Positions
  5. Meetings of the Board
  6. Board Committees
  7. Ad Hoc Committees and Board Representation
  8. Board-Hosted Activities and Key Events
  9. Board and Staff Relations
  10. Trustee Remuneration and Allowances
  11. Financial Administration
  12. Administrative Resources and Supports
  13. Board Strategic Planning Retreats
  14. Community Relations and Communications
  15. Leaves of Absence and Resignations
  16. Election
  17. Security and Technology
  18. Resource Links


Download the Trustees' Handbook (PDF)