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We believe that, wherever they live, students deserve a great education, great teachers and high-quality places to learn. 
Our Three-Year Capital Plan is approved and submitted by the Board of Trustees each year to the provincial government to ask for funding for new schools and major modernizations. Edmonton Public Schools decides and prioritizes which projects go into the plan, and the government decides which ones get funded and when funding will be received.

Our Board of Trustees continues to ask the government for much-needed funding for new schools in growing areas of our city, as well as funding to modernize older schools to make sure all students are in high-quality learning environments.

VIEW: New Schools and Modernizations Map (PDF)


On March 21, 2017, the province announced funding for new and modernized schools across Alberta. The top three priorities in our 2017-2020 Capital Plan will receive funding and will add much needed spaces throughout our city. Those priorities include: 

  • the Highlands School project, a community-driven plan to address aging infrastructure in mature communities
  • a new Grade 7-9 school in The Meadows
  • a new Grade K-6 school in Pilot Sound



The attendance areas for the 11 new schools have been announced:

We asked the public to help us name these schools, and the response was overwhelming - we received more than 3,100 suggestions! Read about our school namesakes or watch the video


More information about the Collegiate School for Science, Technology & Trades in the Blatchford area to come.


Ivor Dent School

In 2014, we met with the Lawton and Highlands communities to talk about modernizing or replacing older schools in the area. Funding was announced for the new Ivor Dent School K-9 (replacement school) on the Rundle School site. The school is currently under construction and expected to open in fall 2017. Read about the process for determining the location of the school. 

Highlands School

The Highlands community wanted a modernization at Highlands School to keep the historic architecture of the building, but the inside of the school will be modernized, and a new addition will be added to accommodate more students. The project is in the design phase and was included in our Capital Plan, but it is still unfunded.

Mill Creek School

Funding was announced to build a replacement school for Mill Creek School. We are in the early stages of planning what the new school will look like. Based on feedback we received from families, staff and community members, we developed a concept and presented it at a meeting on June 15, 2017.  

If you missed the meeting, you can share your feedback about the concept by completing this online survey


In 2014, the Government of Alberta announced funding for four school modernization projects and a replacement school for Edmonton Public Schools. The schools that are being modernized with this funding include:


Construction for an expansion at Lillian Osborne School is currently underway. When it’s completed, Lillian Osborne School will be able to accommodate 600 more students. The addition is expected to be completed in early 2017.