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Division Budget

2023-24 BUDGET

At the May 26 2023 - Special Board Meeting, Trustees formally approved the 2023-24 Budget.

This budget is based on the Government of Alberta’s funding model, which uses a weighted moving average. The Division receives provincial funding based on the average student enrolment over three years, instead of based on an annual student enrolment.


  • Our total Division budget for 2023-24 is approximately $1.3 billion.
  • Approximately 74 per cent of the budget supports students in the classroom, and the rest covers other costs such as maintaining and running schools and providing student busing.
  • The Division expects 114,265 students will be enrolled in 2023-24 (about 5 per cent more than September 2022).
  • Under the Government of Alberta’s funding model, we expect to receive provincial funding for 109,688 students in 2023-24.
  • The Division expects to employ a total of 9,524 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff positions, most of whom will work in schools.
  • The Division is experiencing inflationary pressure resulting in increased fixed costs such as rising utilities, increased maintenance and insurance costs.


Review the 2022–23 Audited Financial Statements.


Find previous years' budgets, plans and results:



Each school and central department develop a plan that aligns with District plans and strategies. School plans include initiatives that address the Division’s priorities in support of student learning. Central department plans include initiatives that address the Division’s priorities through the support they provide to schools. For more information, please contact your school principal or a department administrator.


We prepare a budget and submit it to Alberta Education each spring for the upcoming school year. In the fall, we submit an updated budget that reflects September 30 enrolment counts. Each school and central department prepares a revised budget to reflect current staffing, they way they plan to use any surplus funds carried over from the last school year, and other assumptions made in the spring budget. 

Results Reviews

Results reviews highlight achievement results, the implications of those results for the next school year and a financial summary of each school or central department as of August 31. These documents are part of the Division's obligation to publicly report on the successes and challenges we face when providing quality education for students, our use of public funds and our schools’ and central departments’ yearly achievement results.

The Division is responsible for interpreting and reporting results to parents, students, Alberta Education and the public and using the results to improve the quality and effectiveness of programming. For more information please contact your school principal or a department administrator.