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Financial Services

Financial Services consists of six units whose priority is to develop, monitor, and support the financial and business needs of the District. 

Finance Administration

The office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Managing Director of Financial Services provides leadership to meet the priorities identified by each unit below, including the annual external audit.

Financial Reporting and Financial Operations

Financial Reporting and Financial Operations is responsible for internal and external financial reporting, accounts receivable, accounts, payable cash management and financial business systems.  This unit also provides financial training and assistance to schools and central departments.

Budget and Funding 

Budget and Funding administers the Budget Planning System (BPS), recommends the process and timeline for school budget planning and allocates the Division’s budget. This unit also manages the Division's contract revenue including grants, institutional funding and Program Unit Funding (PUF).

Internal Audit 

Internal Audit conducts financial and compliance audits on school-generated funds (SGF) and recommends improvements for internal controls.  The unit also provides advice and assistant to principals and administrators on special projects.

Purchasing & Contract Services (PCS) 

Purchasing & Contract Services (PCS) manages the acquisition of products, equipment and services in accordance with Division policy, regulations and provincial trade agreements.

Risk Management

Risk Management is responsible for insuring Districts assets and providing risk assessment.