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Strategic Division Supports

Strategic Division Supports works to support the Superintendent and Board of Trustees in successfully fulfilling their roles and responsibilities as defined by the Division's, Vision, Mission, Values and Priorities. This is accomplished through a focus on four key areas: engaged, and effective governance; comprehensive policy review and development; strategic community relationships; and an overarching Division strategic planning process to support success.

The unit serves as the primary contact between educational stakeholders and the Board, providing advice and assistance to Edmonton Public Schools staff, community organizations, parents and the public around organizational structures, governance practices, policies and procedures, initiatives and general questions.

Strategic Division Supports is comprised of the following units: Board Office, Policy Development, Partnerships and Community Engagement, Strategic Support Services.

Board Office

Managing the efficient operation of Board, Caucus and Trustee committee meetings and providing detailed knowledge of governance practices and requirements.

Policy Development

Overseeing the development, implementation, review and evaluation of all Board Policies and Administrative Regulations within the Division. Maintaining the record of current and previous board policy and administrative regulations.

Partnerships and Community Engagement

Establishing, monitoring and evaluating strategic Division partnerships with key educational stakeholders. Supporting Division leaders in their efforts to forge intentional key relationships with the broader community that align with the needs of their school community.

Strategic Support Services

Overseeing the development, implementation and evaluation of the Division's annual strategic plan. Overseeing strategic project and portfolio management of high leverage Division projects.