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District Strategic Plan 2018-22

The Board of Trustees approved and launched the District Strategic Plan 2018-22 at the November 27, 2018 Board meeting

Our Strategic Plan sets the direction for the District, guiding its efforts and investments from 2018 to 2022. The most significant change to the District Strategic Plan is a new Vision statement: Success, one student at a time.
As we look forward with our new Strategic Plan, our District continues to report on our progress from the 2014-18 Strategic Plan. In both plans, the goals for each of our three priorities respond to students' needs and community expectations, while also laying a strong foundation for ongoing educational and organizational success. 

Progress Report on 2018-22 Strategic Plan 

Priority 1

‌Student Growth and SuccessDistrict Strategic Plan 2018-22 Priority 1 THUMBNAIL

Foster growth and success for every student by supporting their journey from early learning through high school completion and beyond.

Learn more about Priority 1: Student Growth and Success.

Priority 2

District Strategic Plan 2018-22 Priority 2 THUMBNAILLearning and Working Environments

Provide welcoming, high quality learning and working environments.

Learn more about Priority 2: Learning and Working Environments.

Priority 3

District Strategic Plan 2018-22 Priority 3 THUMBNAILCommunication, Engagement, and Partnerships

Enhance public education through communication, engagement and partnerships.

Learn more about Priority 3: Communication, Engagement and Partnerships.