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Programming and Curriculum


Each grade has a curriculum determined by Alberta Education. Curriculum is what students learn in each subject area. Regardless of which school or program you choose, your child will receive the same high-quality education. Learn more about what your child learns in each grade at My Child's Learning


Each of our schools teaches the curriculum through one, or a combination, of the following types of programming:

  • Regular Programming

    Most schools offer regular programming, but no two schools offer it in the exact same way. All curriculum is determined by Alberta Education, but a school’s focus, optional courses and activities will vary depending on how it is organized to meet student needs.

  • Alternative Programming

    The Division offers more than 30 alternative programming options. Students enrolled in alternative programming will receive instruction determined by Alberta Education, with a focus on arts, athletics, languages, faith-based or teaching philosophy.

  • Special Education Programming

    Students enrolled in special education programming will receive instruction determined by Alberta Education, as well as specialized supports based on their needs and abilities.