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Criteria and Responsibilities

Student Senate Criteria 

School registration 

Student Senators are selected in June and their term officially starts in September. 

To be eligible for the Student Senate, students must currently be registered in their first or second year of high school in Edmonton Public Schools. 


  • Fulfill senator duties for the entire school year
  • Demonstrate a commitment to learning and citizenship through school attendance, academic effort, and behaviours and attitudes that contribute to a positive environment, both in school and community
  • Make a significant time commitment and participate in events outside of the school day and possibly during the school day 


Student Senators must also have the support of at least one teacher currently on staff and the principal of their school. 

Student Senate Responsibilities 


  • Represent the perspective and voice of student peers in student-related matters of education
  • Adhere to Board policies, procedures and guidelines for the appropriate use of technology, confidentiality and use of Division funds
  • Read regular communications and documents related to Student Senate
  • Elect three Student Trustees for the school year
  • Contribute to development of formal reports to be presented to the Board of Trustees on behalf of the Senate


  • Work with the Board of Trustees and Division staff assigned to support the Senate
  • Collaborate to develop, revise and abide by Senate processes, protocols and norms (such as creating the Student Senate Handbook)
  • Engage with students to gather and share information--from within their school and nearby elementary and junior high schools (catchment feeder schools)


  • Attend and participate in 10 to 12 regularly scheduled Senate meetings, held at a central location, outside of the regular school schedule
  • Complete orientation and media training