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Dickinsfield School

Principal: Mary Butlin
Address: 14320 88A St NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5E 6B6
Phone: 780-476-4646
Fax: 780-473-4295
Email: dickinsfield@epsb.ca
Web: http://dickinsfield.epsb.ca/



Cheryl Johner



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About Dickinsfield School

École Dickinsfield School is a CCR school that focuses on Community, Career and Responsibility. We are committed  to creating a safe environment where students feel they belong to the large community. We are committed to preparing our students for the future, where we talk about and present careers in curricular areas, as well as in the MyBlueprints series. We are committed to the students taking responsibility for their learning and lives by offering them extensive student leadership opportunities and giving them strong academic expectations. And we even play CCR music between classes.

Our junior high offers regular academic programming, and continuing programming in French Immersion, Strategies, Literacy and Behaviour Learning Assistance. Knowledge and Employability is offered in Grade 9. We are also excited to announce that we will be starting the Cogito program for students in Grade 7 in September. We are also investigating reopening the Late French Immersion program for Grade 7 students in September 2018.

We involve parents and the community through student/parent/teacher conferences, SchoolZone, open houses, family barbecues, the school council, music concerts, special parent evenings, evening community groups and community use of school facilities.


We believe:

  • In involving staff, parents, and community with making decisions to help our students in all aspects of their learning journey
  • In evaluating student work through assessment, and using these assessments to help students improve
  • In learning and working collaboratively to create meaningful, engaging and creative common assessments across all subject areas

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