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Ward A: Trisha Estabrooks

Trisha Estabrooks

Trisha Estabrooks

Ward: A Term: 2017-2021

Trustee Cheryl Johner's resignation was accepted by the Board of Trustees at the June 30, 2020 Special Board Meeting. Board Chair Trisha Estabrooks is undertaking the Trustee duties and responsibilities for Ward A until the next municipal general election, scheduled for October 18, 2021.

Trisha believes education is the basis for all positive social change. She holds a bachelor of arts in honours Canadian history and English, and a bachelor of journalism. She is an award-winning journalist and worked at CBC in stations across the country for 17 years. She also spent a year working as a trainer with Journalists for Human Rights in West Africa. She is also the proud mother of two children. She is excited to work with families and school councils and to meet the students and staff of our Division.

Schools in Ward A Boundaries