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School council training is a great way to start the new school year. This year, Edmonton Public Schools in partnership with Alberta School Councils' Association (ASCA), hosted four virtual training sessions on four separate evenings in October.

If you were unable to attend or would like to share information with fellow school council members, following are the sessions that were offered as well as their related handouts.


SESSION 1: The Work of the School Council: It's Not About the Meeting

School councils often struggle with identifying the types of activities and work they should be doing in order to truly fulfill their legislated role. In this workshop, school councils are encouraged to examine what they are doing in relation to their intended purpose and the intended result of their work, and then consider how to connect with their school community.

The Work of the School Council - Presentation
The Work of the School Council - Handouts

SESSION 2: School Council's Purpose 

Understanding the legislated role of school councils including which topics or areas are open for discussion, and which require caution, helps to prevent tension and dysfunction within school councils and the school communities. Learn how to identify the work of school councils, how to frame a “personal issue” from a school council perspective, and how to broach sensitive topics is essential to new and returning members.

School Council's Purpose - PowerPoint Slides
School Council's Purpose - Handouts

SESSION 3: Partnerships with Fundraising Associations

Fundraising Associations (FRAs) are separate, legal entities with distinct rules to follow, responsibilities to comply with and liabilities to consider. Positive, collaborative, mutually respectful relationships with the principal and school council are integral to the success of each, and in the best interests of students. Clarity of who has authority for what is essential.

Partnerships with Fundraising Associations - PowerPoint Slides
Partnerships with Fundraising Associations - Handouts 

SESSION 4: Tools for Effective School Councils

Participants receive resources, tips, templates and tools to understand the culture of their local school community and basic volunteer psychology. Strategies to increase the effectiveness of school councils will be offered.

Tools for Effective School Councils - PowerPoint Slides
Tools for Effective School Councils - Handouts