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Find or Choose a School

Choice is the foundation of our Division's approach to education. Open boundaries allow families to consider their options to determine their preferred school.

Designated schools

Every home address in Edmonton has a designated public school. Your designated school isn’t always the one closest to your home. Use our Find a School tool to search for your designated elementary, junior high and high school.

Choosing a school

Students are guaranteed entry to their designated school if they pre-enrol before April 15. Students may also choose to attend any other Division school, as long as:

  • the school has space 
  • the student meets any entrance requirements of that school

Find lists of schools or search the Find a School tool. 

Factors to consider

Choosing the right school depends on what is most important for your family. Ultimately, the school you choose should be one where your child feels happy, confident and excited to learn.

Some considerations might include:  

Research your options

To find the right fit for your family, learn more about our schools and the programs they offer by:

  • talking with friends, family or neighbours
  • visiting school websites
  • attending open house events
  • making an appointment to meet the principal or tour the school

Register for school

Each spring, parents tell us what school they'd like their child to attend next year. Learn about registering for school.