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Environmental Sustainability


Edmonton Public Schools embraces the responsibility to make environmentally conscious decisions. In 2010, we developed a policy to guide and support environmental sustainability initiatives across the District. We promote sustainable school practices through environmental education, protection and conservation efforts. Many schools across the District incorporate environmentally friendly practices in their daily routines.


Policy: Environment (EO.BP)


Environmental Standards

All new schools in the District maintain high environmental standards by:

  • using low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints and green cleaning products to reduce air pollution, smog and toxic effects
  • following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver criteria, which involves installing reflective roofing and efficient windows to conserve energy

Energy-Use Reduction

We’re also reducing energy consumption by:

  • modernizing old boilers on an ongoing basis
  • retrofitting energy efficient lighting (85% of district sites since 1982)  
  • installing heat recovery systems, occupancy light sensors and utility monitors

Waste Diversion and Organics Recycling

We participate in the City of Edmonton waste diversion program, resulting in more than 41% of district waste being diverted from landfills. Waste collected at our schools and other sites is manually and mechanically separated at a screening facility. Organic waste is removed and sent to the Edmonton Composting Facility. Composting is now available in all district schools and buildings.


The Lights Out Challenge

Every year on Earth Day, students and staff across the District strive to reduce their carbon footprint and conserve energy. We challenge all schools and departments to turn off lights and other energy-consuming devices for at least an hour to increase awareness of our impact on the environment and help influence actions to reduce this impact.

Capital City Clean Up

After the snow melts each spring, many schools participate in the City of Edmonton’s Schoolyard Clean Up program. Students clear litter from their school grounds, helping keep their school environments clean and safe. The program runs from March until June, and schools compete to be the tidiest in Edmonton. In 2013, winners received a $500 cheque for an environmental project of their choice.


After entering Staples Canada’s Recycle for Education contest in 2013, M.E. LaZerte High School and Hillview Elementary School were two of ten schools across Canada recognized for their environmental initiatives. Both schools were rewarded with a $25,000 grant for new computer equipment.

Brightview School teacher Linda Wight received the 20th annual Emerald Award in the Education category for her initiatives to educate students and the community about environmental matters. Read or watch her story.



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