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Literacy is at the foundation of successful learning and living. It's an active, life-long process. It begins almost from birth, when our parents first start reading to us and develops over our whole lives.

Literacy is more than basic reading and writing skills. Literacy education at Edmonton Public Schools is about helping kids find ways to make sense of the world by acquiring, understanding and communicating information in a variety of ways. By giving them opportunities to develop critical thinking skills, literacy allows people to reach their full potential, have a better quality of life and contribute to their communities.

Support for students

In addition to regular, ongoing work in the classroom—which has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy—our District offers a range of literacy interventions for all students who need extra support developing these skills. These interventions involve more time with a teacher in a one-on-one or small group session.

If you’d like to know more about the supports provided to your child, talk to your child’s teacher.

Tip sheets for parents

As a parent, you’re a literacy leader! You are your child’s first and most important teacher. To help strengthen your ability to be a great coach and mentor at home, we’ve created a series of tip sheets for parents of elementary and junior high students. Use these resources with your child to ensure they strengthen their literacy skills at home as well as at school.

Students in Elementary

Students in Junior High

The ABCs of Literacy for Parents
Developing Reading Fluency
Helping Your Child Choose Books
Reading for Meaning
Developing Phonics Skills
Reading Aloud
When Your Child Reads to You
Learning to Spell
The Role of Writing in Literacy
Summer Reading

The Forms of Literacy
Reading With Purpose
Reading Science Textbooks
Reading Math Textbooks
Writing Exams
Reading Rate is Important
Reading and Note-Taking
Reluctant Readers
Reading for Meaning
Technology and Literacy
Strategies for Studying
Self-Evaluation of Reading


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