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Inclusive Learning


An inclusive education system is a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates acceptance of, and belonging for, all students - regardless of their backgrounds, needs or abilities. It is founded on the belief that all children can learn and reach their full potential given opportunity, effective teaching and appropriate resources.

As a parent, you have a choice in the learning environment for your child with special education needs. A regular program at your designated school is the guaranteed point of entry and the first option considered and discussed.

Inclusive learning is more than just placing a student in a classroom with their peers - it’s about participating, belonging, being engaged in the learning process, and being welcomed and embraced in the classroom. In order to support the learning needs of all students in every school, we need to provide:

  • specially designed programming and instruction to meet individual needs
  • supports and resources to ensure optimal programming


Policy: Inclusive Education (HA.BP)
Administrative RegulationStudents In Need of Specialized Supports and Services (HA.AR)


Created in 2011, the Inclusive Learning:Everyone’s In video series takes a candid and compelling look at how we’re building an inclusive education system at Edmonton Public Schools. It profiles nine division schools doing amazing work to create welcoming learning environments for all students – regardless of their background, needs or abilities. The videos shine a spotlight on how school communities are coming together to ensure diversity is fully embraced and nurtured within a culture that strives to help all kids feel a sense of self-worth and value.

The Inclusive Learning: Everyone's In Learning Guide is a companion to the video series and includes:

  • inclusive learning strategies used at each school
  • questions for reflection before and after watching the videos
  • additional questions for further discussion


Supporting the success of all students is a responsibility that’s shared with parents and community members. Working together, we can help kids overcome their challenges, build on their strengths and realize their potential. Our Everyone’s In Tip Sheets (found in school newsletters and on SchoolZone throughout the year) highlight key topics that support our work around building inclusive environments. Learn how you can support our efforts to help your child thrive in inclusive environments not only at school, but also in their life outside of the classroom.


Supporting inclusive education calls for a wide range of partners to work together to achieve a common vision. The Inclusive Education Parent and Community Advisory Committee helps strengthen the Division’s inclusive education system by:

  • enhancing how the Division’s Inclusive Education policy and regulations are put into practice
  • providing information and advice to Division administrators
  • working to bring Alberta Education’s Principles of Inclusive Education to life in our classrooms

The Committee is made up of two representatives from Division administration and 10 members of the public  a balance of parents with children attending Edmonton Public Schools and other interested community members. Committee members serve a two-year term. Learn more in the advisory committee's Terms of Reference.‌


Have a question for the advisory committee? For all general inquiries, please email Marci.Baril@epsb.ca.