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Numeracy is a foundational element of successful learning and living. It’s an active, life-long process. It begins almost from birth when we see objects of different shapes and colours around us. We develop our sense of quantity and spatial awareness over our whole lives.

Numeracy is more than basic math with numbers, shapes and calculations. Numeracy education at Edmonton Public Schools is about helping kids find ways to make sense of the world by acquiring, understanding and communicating quantitative information that can be measured and expressed as an amount and spatial information that refers to the relationship between objects and people.

By giving them opportunities to develop their confidence, willingness and ability, numeracy allows people to reach their full potential, have a better quality of life and contribute to their communities.


In addition to regular, ongoing work in the classroom--which has a strong focus on numeracy and literacy--our Division offers a range of numeracy experiences across the subject areas to support development of these skills. These opportunities help students to understand that they use numeracy in all aspects of their everyday lives.


As a parent, you’re a numeracy leader! You are your child’s first and most important teacher.

We’ve developed tip sheets that suggest activities you can do to help strengthen your child’s skills to become successful adults. These tip sheets are for parents of elementary students.

We’ve built tip sheets for each mathematical process that strengthens numeracy

Two general tip sheets are also included:


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