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Mental Health


The school-age years are critical for promoting healthy development, for teaching students how to deal with the everyday ups and downs of life, and for recognizing early signs of mental health challenges.

In the almost 1,000 hours our Grades 1 to 12 students spend in school every year, they form trusted relationships not only with fellow students, but with principals, teachers and support staff. When students are experiencing mental health challenges, it can show at school.

Working together with families and community partners, we can help students access the right supports for them to be healthy and successful in school and life.


How do we support the mental health of our more than 102,000 students? Our staff do outstanding work to support their unique mental health needs. Each month, we'll shine a light on a staff member doing this essential work in our schools and throughout the Division.

Learn more about the staff spotlight series and the important role our staff play in student mental health. 


Navigating Mental Health‌ is a guiding document for staff in all of our schools. It gives key partners—principals, educators, support staff, parents—a common map to navigate the best mental health supports for each student.

It recognizes that schools play an essential role in:

  • educating students about mental health and how to manage it
  • helping students be aware of their own mental health
  • connecting students and families with the right mental health services and supports
  • communicating and working with our partners for the benefit of students
  • building on students’ strengths

We serve our students best when we work together – with parents, school staff, in-school experts and outside partners, like Alberta Health Services.

Edmonton Public Schools is committed to a shared language and understanding of mental health and equal access to resources, learning and supports.

– from Navigating Mental Health