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Mental Health


The school-age years are critical for promoting healthy development, for teaching students how to deal with the everyday ups and downs of life, and for recognizing early signs of mental health challenges.

Working together with families and community partners, we can help students access the right supports for them to be healthy and successful in school and life.

Our Co-ordinated Approach 

Every one of our students receives mental health supports at school, whether it’s learning about healthy relationships or being referred for specialized supports. Read more below about how we meet students where they are in their wellness journey.

Supports for all students

Mental Health - all students

All students learn about mental health and wellness and receive support in traditional classrooms and groups.

Students learn about:

  • healthy relationships
  • recognizing personal strengths and challenges
  • social, emotional and physical connection to mental health

Targeted supports for students with additional needs

Mental Health - targeted supportsStudents with additional needs are supported in small groups or one-on-one through a school counsellor, community partners or a central team (which may include social workers, psychologists, mental health consultants, school family liaisons and intercultural consultants).

Students learn about:

  • specific strengths and challenges
  • strategies to manage and regulate their emotions
  • practicing mindfulness

Individualized supports for students with complex needs

Mental Health - individualized supports

Students with complex mental health needs are supported by a team of education and health-care professionals in a clinical setting or in one of our specialized programs (in school).

Students have access to:

  • one-on-one therapy
  • adapted education that meets their needs
  • a mental health transition team to assist with transitions between a school and clinical setting