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Learning Stores

Program Description

Programming supports students who are 16 to 19 years old, as well as 15 year-olds who have previously attended high school. If you’re short a few credits, upgrading your marks or need to repeat a course, the Learning Stores can help.

At the Learning Stores, students can:

  • direct their own learning
  • enrol in core and career and technology (CTS) courses
  • explore career options through work experience or apprenticeships
  • complete weekly modules  for each course
  • receive one-on-one teacher support
  • experience flexibility with a minimum on-site attendance expectation of 10 hours/week
  • register throughout the year

For more information, contact the Learning Stores.

Learning Store at Circle Square

Information for families who chose onling learning during COVID-19

Families who chose online learning in 2020-21 and 2021-22 will see the Learning Store at Circle Square listed on SchoolZone and on official high school transcripts from Alberta Education. Online instruction covered all the required areas of the K–12 provincial curriculum.

To support families choosing between online and in-person learning during the pandemic, our Division had to combine students and teachers from different schools into online learning groups, so students could receive live online teacher instruction (synchronous learning). To create these groups in our information systems, we assigned students to the Learning Store at Circle Square.

This record-keeping solution is what allowed us to link each student to their online learning group and to their regular Division school at the same time.



Elementary 2024–25

Junior High 2024–25

Senior High 2024–25