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Distance and Online Learning

Our teachers care deeply about their students, and staff across the Division are committed to ensuring your child has the skills they need to be successful.  The Government of Alberta has announced in-person classes will resume in September. However, if you choose to keep your child home, we are here to ensure students continue receiving a high-quality education online.


To prepare for the 2020-21 school year, we are investing significant funding to develop comprehensive resources for students. This will help ensure that quality student learning is consistent for families, no matter which type of instruction they choose—in-person or online learning.


Students who will learn online will be part of an online learning group with an assigned teacher. This learning format will include live online teacher instruction as well as directed activities and assignments that students will complete independently. 

Online teachers may not be a staff member at the school where the online student is enrolled. Students in an online learning group will often be from more than one Division school.

Online instruction will cover all the required areas of the provincial curriculum. Teaching will focus on the core subject areas, with a reduced focus on complementary courses (electives). Instruction in French as a second language will continue. 

The Division will also explore meaningful ways to deliver alternative programming to online students, but we cannot guarantee that all alternative programming options will be available online. Families with children registered in an alternative program will continue to receive information from their school about the program. Online students will also be welcome to participate in any special events related to the alternative program.

Get technical help at home

If you are having technical problems, visit technical support for parents and students to find a solution or submit your question to our team of experts.

Support for Google Classroom

Our Division uses Google Classroom to keep teachers and students connected. To learn more about using this online tool, watch our Google Classroom instructional videos, available in a variety of languages. 


For parents or guardians who are looking to supplement their child’s learning at home, there are many resources available.

Edmonton Public Schools tips and resources:

  • Visit our Resource Hub for learning resources designed for teachers, parents and students.
  • Review the Literacy page to find tip sheets for parents of elementary, junior and senior high students.
  • Visit the Numeracy page for more tip sheets and resources.
  • Sign in to SchoolZone and choose the resources tab to find videos and activities you can do with your children.

Provincial resources: