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Campus EPSB

Campus EPSB is designed to provide students with another way to earn high school credits and industry credentials, get ahead of their studies or prepare for post-secondary. It’s a great way for students to explore opportunities and get hands-on experience to help them plan their next steps.


Campus EPSB offers semester options during the school year

These opportunities allow students to take a semester-long 2–4 block course at another high school or industry site, and immerse themselves in an area of study that excites them.

Each option is delivered differently and has its own unique prerequisites, credit allocations, and credentials and/or certifications. Students should speak with their families, teachers or school counsellors about their Campus EPSB options and decide what is right for them.


Campus EPSB is open to students in Grades 10–12. If you’re interested in a course for 202223, complete our Expression of Interest form.


Edmonton Transit Services (ETS) is the preferred method of transportation for students registered in Campus EPSB semester programming. Students are expected to return to their home school upon completion of a Campus EPSB opportunity. If students wish to switch schools, they must complete the same process as any other student within the Division.