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Bad Weather

Cold temperatures, wind chill and snow can make getting to and from school challenging.

Closing schools in bad weather

Division schools do not close due to bad weather. Assume that schools are open unless you hear otherwise through the media or directly from the school.

Schools need to remain open even under the most severe weather conditions to provide a safe environment for students who choose to attend. It is up to you to decide whether or not to send your child to school on days with severe weather, but inform the school if you choose to keep your child at home.

Recess in bad weather

Recess is an important break from the regular school routine, and gives students a chance to get fresh air and exercise. Schools will continue to have morning and afternoon recess breaks, even in bad weather so students should dress appropriately.

Students will only be kept inside during recess if:

  • it is raining heavily,
  • temperatures drop to -23 degrees Celsius

Yellow bus service in bad weather

Yellow school buses may run later than usual, or not at all, on days when the weather is very bad. It's important to have alternate arrangements in place for getting your child to school in case the bus doesn't arrive. Don't leave your child unattended at the bus stop in severe weather for any period of time. Learn more about late and cancelled buses.