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Respectful Learning and Working Environment

We all have a responsibility to create respectful learning and working environments. In accordance with board policy HF.BP Safe, Caring and Respectful Learning Environments, the Board of Trustees is committed to creating welcoming learning environments which promote understanding and respect among all members of the school community. We believe that a responsive, safe, caring and inclusive school environment is necessary for students to learn and achieve.

Understanding and respect in our schools

It is the responsibility of each person in the school community to contribute to a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the rights and dignity of each individual by:

  • showing courtesy and self-discipline in actions and words
  • seeking solutions to problems
  • respecting the rules, regulations and practices that create safe and secure learning and working environments
  • demonstrating honesty and integrity
  • acting in a manner that results in a positive and supportive atmosphere
  • showing proper care and regard for Division property and the property of others

Responsibilities of parents, guardians and volunteers

You can expect to be treated as a valued partner in  your child’s education. Interactions between you and Division staff should be open and respectful. In return, you are expected to:

  • treat all staff with respect and courtesy
  • interact with other parents and children in a respectful manner
  • work to resolve differences in a positive, proactive manner
  • encourage your children to be respectful