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Student Behaviour and Conduct

  • Code: HG.AR
    Topic: Student Behaviour and Conduct
    Issue Date: 18/12/2015
    Effective Date: 20/09/2006
    Review Year: 2011


  1. Each school's expectations for student behaviour and conduct shall be:
    1. developed with opportunity for input from staff, students, parents and the community;
    2. communicated in writing to students, parents and community annually by the principal; and
    3. reviewed and revised as required.
  2. The school's expectations shall include the consequences for failure to meet the expectations related to student behaviour, conduct, dress, discipline, deportment, and attendance.

  3. When disciplinary action is required, staff shall, where possible, work with the student's parents, may involve district resource staff and, where appropriate, staff from community agencies.

  4. The Principal shall maintain records of disciplinary action taken by school staff as a result of unacceptable student behaviour.

  5. Staff members shall inform the Principal of suspected instances of possession of weapons, use of/or trafficking in illegal drugs, and/or substance abuse in the school.


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(please see Sections 12 to 16, 18, 20, 24, 25, and 27 of the School Act)