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School Assessed Fees

  • Code: HNB.AR
    Topic: School Assessed Fees
    Issue Date: 17/09/2014
    Effective Date: 22/04/1996
    Review Year: 2001


  1. Schools shall not charge fees for instruction. 
  1. Schools shall not charge students or their parents for the use of instructional materials except:
    1. senior high schools may charge a fee for textbook rental.
    2. junior high schools may adopt a security deposit system for textbooks.
    3. junior and senior high schools may charge a fee for music instrument rental. 

Maximum fees shall be established each year by the Superintendent of Schools and identified in the Budget Manual. 

    1. Schools may charge students or their parents fees to cover costs such as field trip transportation, admissions, subsistence, and use of facilities.
    2. Schools shall provide programming for any student not attending a field trip conducted during school hours. 
  1. Schools may offer to sell goods and non-instructional services provided that:
    1. all goods and services offered for sale may be purchased on an individual basis;
    2. fees are paid only by the students receiving direct benefits;
    3. charges do not exceed direct costs; and
    4. fees for services provided over time (for example student council membership) are assessed and refunded on a prorated basis. 
  1. Schools may charge fees for food and snack programs. 
  1. Schools shall not collect damage deposits or charge for use of lockers or mandated locks. 
  1. Funds collected to pay for field trips shall be itemized and accounted for separately from other fees. 
  1. The Principal may waive any school assessed fee on an individual student basis. The school shall be responsible for covering any costs resulting from the waiver and shall maintain a record of the amount and circumstances of the waiver.


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