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New Employees


Welcome to Edmonton Public Schools. We know that starting a new job can be exciting and a bit scary, so we’re here to ensure you shine in your new role.

Our incredible team of 10,000 staff serve more than 104,000 students inside and outside the classroom. Your skills will help us inspire success, and respond to students’ needs and community expectations—goals that are outlined in our 2018-22 Strategic Plan.

New Employee Orientation

Our online orientation is designed to help you prepare for your new role. Dive in to find out more about our policies, what benefits and resources you can access, and answers to frequently asked questions.

If you’re joining our staff, watch for an email with instructions for completing an orientation online before you arrive for your first day.

If your new role is in our custodial or support staff groups, you will also participate in a live event--our Career Transitions team will reach out to you to schedule. 

Launch Orientation

Staff Appreciation Videos

Whether you work in front of a class or behind the scenes, you play an important role in building an excellent public education system that enriches students’ lives. Check out our staff appreciation videos to learn more about the different contributions employees make here at Edmonton Public Schools. 

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