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Identification of a Building as a Historic Resource

  • Code: EECA.AR
    Topic: Identification of a Building as a Historic Resource
    Issue Date: 28/01/2020
    Effective Date: 29/01/2020
    Review Year: 2017


  1. The Planning Department, in consultation with Archives and Museum and Facilities Services, shall give consideration to written requests for designation of a building as a historic resource initiated by any interested party if:
    1. The building is over 60 years old; or
    2. The building is less than 60 years old and has special historical significance. 
  1. Consideration for historic resource designation shall be based on consideration of the following factors:
    1. The historical value and other significance of the building to the Division;
    2. The potential for impact on the Division's further plans for the building;
    3. Administrative and plant costs associated with obtaining and maintaining the designation;
    4. Restrictions that a historical designation will have on the use, operation and maintenance of the facility, which may include security and occupational health and safety;
    5. Any opportunities to take advantage of grant programs from any level of government or non-profit historical foundations or other charitable foundations. 

The Planning Department shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding which Division buildings meet the Board's criteria to consider support for historic designation.


EA.BP Infrastructure Planning Principles